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Our wineries

Why is the Hotel Kaisergarten with Ketschauer Hof GmbH
closely “connected” with three wineries?

Andreas Jordan laid the foundation stone. At the time, he was a winegrower and owner of today’s Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan winery, opposite the sister hotel Ketschauer Hof, which is within walking distance. Upon his death in 1846, his estate and the vineyards were divided among his three children. This division of the estate, also known as Jordan’s division, resulted in three excellent wine estates in Deidesheim:

It was not until 2002-2007 that the three wineries were bought up, reunited and the division annulled.

The wineries and Ketschauer Hof GmbH are currently managed by Jana Seeger
and her husband Peter Hüftlein-Seeger.

The proximity to the sister wineries is not only a matter of history, they are also close to each other locally, literally on the doorstep of the Ketschauer Hof.
With the Geh. Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, the hotel is even connected underground via shared wine cellars.
Closely “connected” with each other… So it’s no wonder that the whole family has always been dedicated to enjoyment and wine.