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Culture & Shopping


The city of squares between the Rhine and Neckar!

Once they have familiarized themselves with the city map and the squares, night owls and
shopping queens quickly find their way around. 

Once squared!

Mannheim is a
city of squares
which may seem unconventional and complicated to some at first glance. But appearances are deceptive, because the urban planning principle behind it is actually quite simple to understand…

In addition to the shopping opportunities in the popular Planken and Breite Strasse, the Q6/Q7 quarter is also a favorite.

Notable sights in the city include Mannheim Castle, the water tower and the extensive Luisenpark with the newly expanded “Spinelli” area for Buga 2023.

For theater lovers, the
National Theater
as well as, for example the
or the
treasure chest

If you feel like visiting a museum, the

Rice-Engelhorn Museum
, the
or the
Mannheim Art Gallery
are recommended.