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Restaurant RIVA

The RIVA restaurant is located in the Kaisergarten Deidesheim and stands for
Mediterranean cuisine & relaxed, modern feel-good atmosphere.

It’s also worth taking a look at the wine list! Constantly updated, it offers a wide range of wines from renowned winegrowers in the Palatinate, with national and international wineries completing the broad portfolio.

  The restaurant is generously laid out with different areas, retreats and seperate rooms: while the hustle and bustle in the glass show kitchen can be observed from the main room, a larger group can be undisturbed in the green seperate room with the natural moss wall. An absolute highlight in the warm season is the summer terrace with its beautiful, atrium-like garden. Mediterranean plants, the watercourse with the pond,
The intimate lounge corner invites you to linger on warm summer evenings.
Cocktails & co. are available at the RIVA Bar, which connects seamlessly to the restaurant with the newly renovated RIVA Bar Lounge. The cozy fireplace room scores with a private retreat.
In short: at RIVA, everyone will find their favorite spot, depending on their taste and the occasion.

Benvenuto at RIVA!

Opening hours

12-14 o’clock & 18-21 o’clock

Sunday & public holiday
11.30 a.m. – 2 p.m. | Late riser breakfast
6 p.m. – 9 p.m. | à la carte

Dogs are welcome in the restaurant
Only events with a buffet are excluded.

E-charging stations
Charging stations for your electric vehicle are available in our hotel parking lot – 50 cents per kWh.

Special opening/rest periods 2024

Late riser breakfast
on all Sundays & public holidays, except: May 1 | May 9 | May 30 | December 24 | December 31

24. & December 25 | 12-14 h à la carte & 18 h Christmas menu
(shortened opening hours in the evening: the restaurant closes at 9 pm, the bar at 10 pm)

December 26 | 11.30 a.m. – 2 p.m. late riser breakfast | restaurant and bar are closed in the evening

December 31 – New Year’s Eve | 12-14 h à la carte & 18.30 h New Year’s Eve party incl. New Year’s Eve menu and DJ (only bookable with New Year’s Eve arrangement)

January 1, 2025 – New Year | in the evening from 6 p.m. à la carte

Food like in Italy – and a fine selection of steaks on top!
The RIVA team loves and lives international-Mediterranean cuisine.

Our wine list is constantly updated and offers a variety of wines from renowned Palatinate estates, and international wines complete our portfolio. Our restaurant team will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Our breakfast times for our hotel guests:

Monday to Friday | 6.30 – 10 a.m.
Saturday + Sunday | 7.30 – 11 a.m.

29 € per person

For late risers, we offer our popular late riser breakfast on Sundays from 11:30 am to 2 pm.

39 € per person

A good meal without good wine is like a day without sun. UNA CENA SENZA VINO È COMO UN GIORNO SENZA SOLE.

Restaurant manager Julian Berkhemer

Two hands, three plates, in addition to the restaurant management at Restaurant RIVA currently also the provisional service management at Restaurant 1718… and always a smile, always there for everyone.

There is nothing in his large team that does not exist: from baby boomers to Generation Z, everything is there. It unites generations and cultures. His team is rumored to be the “best restaurant manager ever”.

He himself is enthusiastic about the RIVA. He loves the daily challenge and the people in his team.

Julian Berkhemer
Lars Wolf

Kitchen Director Lars Wolf

While his cuisine at Restaurant 1718 has a distinctly Francophile accent, Italian music plays here in the RIVA kitchen. His team player, head chef Anselmo Basile, complements this part brilliantly.

“What else characterizes the RIVA kitchen?”, you ask?
Well, as soon as Lars Wolf has his hands on the stove, one thing is certain: you’ll get great fish! Faroese salmon, Atlantic turbot, eagle fish, Swedish pikeperch… make the heart of the Scandinaven lover beat faster.

Last but not least, steak lovers will also get their money’s worth at RIVA. Take a look at our menu, you will be delighted!

Anselmo Basile

This man stands for orecchiette with salsiccia, chard, chili and garlic. For the buttery soft focaccia with Italian herbs and sun-ripened tomatoes. Of course also for the “Zuppa di Pesce” with saffron-salt-lemon aioli and fennel. And for the “Chorizo” pizza with Kalamata olives and pecorino sardo anyway.

“Mmmmm, that reads delicious…”, you say?

That’s the way it is! His signature style for his cucina italiana can be found on the menu. And if you ask him how he actually got into cooking, he answers the way you’d like to hear it: I got it from my mother when I was a boy. with me – alla Mamma! And it tastes just as delicious!

Anselmo Basile


Restaurant RIVA Service

Julian Berkhemer

Julian Berkhemer

Restaurant manager

…has been at RIVA since 2020 and heads the service team there. In addition to his role in operational service, he sees himself as the first point of contact for his team. He coordinates the services, the people and everything around them, preferably after 10 o’clock.

His passion is not just his job, but first and foremost his son.
And when he does find time for himself, he likes to play with blocks, audio books and computer games.

The RIVA inspires me. I love the daily challenge and the people in my team.

Dominik Blanke

Dominik Blanke

Deput. Restaurant manager

…has not only been part of the team since 2022, but also Julian Berkhemer’s reliable right-hand man. What his lively colleague brings to the table in terms of openness and creativity, he makes up for with experience and composure.
Simply a strong team together!

He has a soft spot for the wine list. He will soon be hosting a “wine battle” at the RIVA restaurant. There are still places available – join us!

He finds a balance to his job with his family and with strength and endurance sports.

This company successfully combines the history of our wineries with the modern atmosphere of the Hotel Kaisergarten and the RIVA restaurant. My tasks are varied and the division of responsibilities with the restaurant manager is really harmonious. This makes work fun!

Torben Kühn

Torben Kühn

Demi Chef de Rang

…came to our company via a recommendation and has been with us since November 2023. He currently supports both the RIVA restaurant and the 1718 restaurant. “However, he fell head over heels in love with Restaurant 1718. Why? Because of the French dishes, because of the special interior design…

In his free time, he likes to spend time with his girlfriend and the two of them enjoy ice skating. However, he can also get something good out of cozy evenings with friends while gaming and enjoying a good glass of wine.

I'm excited to see what awaits me here and I'm really looking forward to my job at Restaurant 1718.

Dorthee Kuhlmann

Dorothee Kuhlmann

Chef de Rang

…is the loyal soul in the team, now for over 10 years – details that speak for themselves. 😉

In her free time, she enjoys meeting friends and visiting her two children and grandchild. She also enjoys eating out and reading a lot.

I appreciate the high-quality products I get to work with at RIVA. The most important thing for me is the good cooperation in our team. And: we have the best restaurant manager ever here!

Vincenzo Zavatta

Chef de Rang

…has not only been part of the team since April 2021, but above all an “experienced bunny” who means well with everyone. With his experience, it is important to him to create a trusting working environment, especially for young employees. On the other hand, he wants to offer guests excellent service and specialist knowledge.
When he’s not in the restaurant, he’s there for his family. There he sees himself as the contact person for all his loved ones’ concerns.

For me, the Kaisergarten Deidesheim is THE address in the Palatinate! The professional expertise and warm working atmosphere of our team motivates me in my work every day.

Igor Stjepanovic

Commis de Rang

coming soon 🙂

coming soon 🙂

Karyna Piskovatska

Service employee

The charming Ukrainian has been part of the company since August 2022 and has recently been working primarily in the RIVA restaurant. Guests appreciate her attentive service and keen intuition.
We are currently supporting her wish to work a 30-hour week so that she can attend language courses and improve her German language skills alongside her job.

I'm pleased that I was able to reduce my hours without saying much. I want to learn German so that I can live and work in this country.

Marvin Buchen

Marvin Buchen

Bar Chef

…has been the man for spirits and cocktails at the bar since March 2022. With a wink, he says that he runs the “store” as soon as the restaurant management finishes work. So, true to the motto “when the cat’s away, …”, the lights are gently dimmed, the music is turned up a little louder … and the restaurant becomes a bar. It’s magic! 😉

Always happy, always in a good mood…he gets his endorphin kick from skydiving.

For me, the RIVA Bar is the only upmarket bar in the area. I like the fact that I have freedom in my job and can get involved.

Christian Sültmann


coming soon 🙂

coming soon 🙂

Renata Karoline Trochimiuk

Renata Karolina Trochimiuk

Breakfast service

…has been a valued colleague in the breakfast team since 2019. With her experience on the job, she knows exactly what guests want in the morning: whether they’re a breakfast speedster or a breakfast connoisseur, they all love to have a warm cup of coffee or tea at the table quickly. Always in a good mood, she gives away her good morning smile at the same time as her cup of coffee and gets even the last morning grouch out from behind the stove.

As a mommy of three, I am so glad that I have a job that leaves me room for my big "family" project. I can combine my job and family well here.

Kim Trang Truong

Kim Trang Truong

Apprentice hotel manager

…started her training as a hotel manager in 2022 and has already been through a number of stations. She is currently assisting with service in the RIVA restaurant before moving on to
continues with the reception.

I appreciate the working atmosphere and the openness of the staff. Here I am allowed to participate and work independently right from the start.

Richard Jonuscheit

Richard Jonuscheit

Trainee specialist for restaurant & event catering

…has been training with us since June 2023.

He is pleased that he was involved in all areas right from the start and has been able to “get stuck in” ever since.

In his free time, he is active in sports, with soccer and basketball at the top of his list.

I like the team spirit here - it's incredibly great working together!

Raphaela von Boeltzig

Raphaela von Boeltzig

Trainee specialist for restaurant & event catering

…has changed training company and we are delighted that she has been continuing her training with us since summer 2023.
She appreciates the pleasant working atmosphere at RIVA, which is not a matter of course in other companies.

When she has time off, she prefers to spend it with friends and family.

Everyone here is so incredibly open and friendly...right up to the department heads.

Ann-Marie Krischer

Ann-Marie Krischer

Trainee specialist for restaurant & event catering

coming soon 🙂

coming soon 🙂

Leonie Wieck

Leonie Wieck

Apprentice hotel manager

…discovered us on Hotelcareer, applied and has been our trainee since this summer. She has long fancied working in the hotel industry and worked at the Mercure Hotel for one day a week for a year before joining us. After her apprenticeship, she can well imagine spending time abroad.

In her free time, she goes horse riding, strength training or jogging.

I immediately felt at home here. The colleagues are all incredibly friendly. And I really like the interior of the RIVA restaurant.

Restaurant RIVA Kitchen

Lars Wolf

Lars Wolf

Kitchen Director

…has been part of the company since 2017 and is one of the reliable “veterans”. As a father of three, he seems to love the hustle and bustle.
At the GmbH, he not only runs the kitchens of the RIVA and 1718 restaurants. On top of that, he has the catering division under him, i.e. weddings, birthdays and other events.
festive occasions – inside and outside.
A professional all along the line!

Tell me what you're celebrating and I'll cook for your guests!

Anselmo Basile

Anselmo Basile


…has been head chef in the Riva kitchen since the beginning of 2023 and brings Italian flair to the menu with his Calabrian roots. In the Palatinate, also known as the Tuscany of Germany, and in the Riva restaurant, he has found a piece of Italy in our region. At the stove, he acts as a saucier for sauces, fish and meat.
In his role in the kitchen, he perfectly complements kitchen director Lars Wolf. For the kitchen team, on the other hand, he takes on an almost fatherly role. “That’s also necessary where such a “colorful bunch” from different cultures and generations meet,” says the father of two with a wink.

Good teamwork is based on mutual respect. On this basis, we can step on the gas every evening! Then the job is fun for everyone!

Tony Oehm

Tony Oehm

Sous Chef & Pâtissier

…has been part of the RIVA kitchen team since November 2021. He first joined the GmbH back in 2017 as a pastry chef at the L.A. Jordan restaurant. This was followed by a job outside the catering industry, although he continued to work in our restaurants as a temp.
At RIVA, he is the man for sweet things: desserts, ice cream, cakes, chocolate, pralines…mmmmh! But he also produces all snacks and meals for conference events.

At home, his wife and son are his top priority. And he also likes to swing the wooden spoon for them at home after work. And when time allows, he tries to squeeze in a game of soccer.

The RIVA is a big "playground" for me, I have a lot of freedom here and can try things out. This works well with our clientele, who love exotic creations!

Kevin Müller

Kevin Müller

Sous Chef

…has 9 years of experience on Sylt and has been part of the team since September 2023. He currently holds the position of breakfast chef, but will soon take over as sous chef from head chef Anselmo Basile.

His girlfriend and he are quite an adventurous couple, like to travel to different cities together, see everything there and have a good time together. When time permits, he goes to the gym.

I was really well received here at RIVA and am really looking forward to my job here.

Yehor Mashyrov

Yehor Mashyrov

Chef de Partie (Entremetier)

…has been part of the kitchen team since December 2022. Since then, he has had the side dishes under his wing, both à la carte and in the preparation of various finger foods in the conference business.

Even when he’s not behind the pots at RIVA, he has plenty to do: swimming, reading, going on excursions, traveling. He also seems to have green fingers: He looks after the plants at home. 🙂

My bosses are very competent, my work at RIVA inspires me and allows me to develop my own ideas.

Rolf Michael Egger

Rolf Michael Egger

Breakfast cook

…responsible for breakfast at RIVA since 2021. After several decades as a chef in well-known hotels, especially abroad, he was looking for something “regular” and found it with us. As an early riser, breakfast is exactly his thing at this stage of his life, so he has time to look after his mother.

As a father of two grown-up children, family is still very important to him. He finds relaxation in sport and wellness at the gym.

Our product quality is fantastic. The team fits, the atmosphere here is good. I really enjoy working here.

Francesco Lampis

Francesco Lampis

Chef de Partie

…has been part of the team since February 2022. His part in the kitchen is the meat & fish area. This also includes the production of sauces, soups and purees. And, how could it be otherwise when the name sounds so wonderfully Italian: of course it’s him who makes the fluffy RIVA pizza dough.

When he’s not in the RIVA kitchen, he enjoys sport: running marathons, playing soccer and cycling. He also enjoys playing card games when socializing.

I love the wine route! And the RIVA restaurant stands out with its level of quality.

Monike Zuranska

Monika Zuranska

Commis de Cuisine

…has been part of the kitchen team since August 2023. Her main role is that of Gardemanger, providing support with conference preparations and à la carte.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog in the garden or at the lake. She has a soft spot for cooking shows on TV.

I see personal development opportunities for myself at RIVA. I like our large young team and find my working hours pleasant.

Ansgar Ehlers

Ansgar Ehlers

Chef dishwasher

…has been part of the hard core of the Riva kitchen since 2013 and has been in charge on the dishwashing front ever since. It is an important piece of the hygiene puzzle and also keeps the warehouse tidy.

As an absolute culture freak, he loves to travel, enjoys going to the theater and has a knack for learning foreign languages: he is currently learning Arabic!

At Riva, he loves the exquisite menu, the Mediterranean cuisine, the modern-chic ambience and the great working atmosphere.

He has his quote ready in Italian – no wonder, if you know him 😉

Amo gli italiani, la lingua italiana, la musica italiana. Ma soprattutto voglio restare qui.

Emmanuel Weißmüller

Emmanuel Weißmüller

Apprentice chef

…has been training with us since 2022. He got into cooking through his grandmother, with whom he enjoyed cooking from an early age, especially the Tafelspitz recipe. Fortunately, his aunt read our trainee ad in the newspaper in 2022 and drew his attention to our company. Then everything went quickly: applied to us, had a good interview and off we went!

I think the Italian dishes on our menu are really great. Italian cuisine doesn't need a lot of excitement, the focus is on fresh and high-quality products!

Philipp Morio

Apprentice chef

…has changed his training company and started his third year of training with us in July 2023. At RIVA, he is responsible for the starters, pizza, side dishes and vegetarian dishes.

When he wants to switch off, he likes to paint. Or he tries out new recipes and restaurants.

The RIVA kitchen is modern and ultra clean. The. The team is large, but there is still a family atmosphere here, which I think is great.

Paul Fuchs

Apprentice chef

…started training as a chef with us in summer 2023. He wants to get involved in the team with the chefs, support them and learn as much as possible for himself.

In his free time, he is active in the voluntary fire department and the altar servers.

I love the RIVA kitchen because it has a really good working atmosphere.

Moritz Landskron

Moritz Landskron

Apprentice chef

…started his apprenticeship with us in August 2021. At RIVA, he says, he can learn his profession from the ground up. He appreciates the variety and quality of the food and the expertise of his chefs.

He also loves cooking at home. And when he’s done cooking, he has to exercise: Gym, basketball, swimming.

I am challenged here and have almost unlimited possibilities in what I do. I find that special.

Meta Krasznai

Meta Krasznai

Apprentice cook

…started her apprenticeship with us in September 2023 and is currently mainly assigned to the breakfast area.

She also enjoys cooking and baking with her family at home, but needs a sporting balance for herself in swimming, tennis, road cycling and yoga.

I like our menu, RIVA has fantastic dishes. And I like the atmosphere in the team, I got off to a good start here.

Jan Schick

Apprentice chef

…started his apprenticeship with us in summer 2023 and has been supporting the position of Gardemanger ever since.

Our company was recommended to him by acquaintances and he was with us in no time. At RIVA, he likes the restaurant atmosphere, the menu and the team of colleagues.

In his private life, he enjoys playing soccer and traveling.

I like being at Riva because I can turn my passion into a career here and there are lots of opportunities on offer.