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Kaisergarten Hotel Deidesheim

Comfort & exclusivity for conference guests,
Recreation seekers and pleasure seekers

Who we are

The Kaisergarten Deidesheim is a hotel in which the love for the Palatinate can be read in numerous details. But also a hotel that is equally dedicated to comfort and exclusivity. And finally, this hotel is part of the Ketschauer Hof GmbH. The GmbH owns a total of two wonderful hotels, namely the Hotel Kaisergarten and the Hotel Ketschauer Hof – truly a gem in the middle of Deidesheim’s historic town center.
But that’s not all. Four restaurants enrich the overall ensemble, which could hardly be more different in character:
the RIVA restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine & steaks,
the restaurant 1718 with French cuisine,
the restaurant L.A. Jordan, awarded a second Michelin star in 2023,
and last but not least the restaurant Sushi B.

The history of the Ketschauer Hof estate goes way back to the Middle Ages. To this day, it continues to shape the self-image of the resort as it has grown up. The most important pivotal point was in the year 1718 in the person of Peter Jordan, founder of today’s winery Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan. The takeover of the winery by the son Andreas Jordan and the further course of history have created a close bond around the Ketschauer Hof and the three top-class
sister wineries
wineries. The proximity is not only historical, it is also close: the wineries are on the doorstep of the Ketschauer Hof.

It has always been characterized by pleasure and wine, by the reputation and success of its sister wineries as well as by the charm of the beautiful Palatinate and especially the small town of Deidesheim…

Pleasure and wine – these were the cornerstones that were once laid. It is therefore no wonder that this cultural asset is being continued in the overall ensemble of Ketschauer Hof GmbH.
We look back on our history with humility and respect. Full of appreciation for the quality that has grown, for the success that has been achieved. It is now up to us to treat history with care, to preserve the good, to live these values lovingly and to pass them on.
To our guests and to our employees.

Our wineries

The Hotel Kaisergarten Deidesheim belongs to the Hotel Ketschauer Hof.
We also have close ties with three wineries.

Which ones? And why?

Our team


Public holiday planner 2023

Yes, the popular holiday planner for the winter and Christmas season 2023 is available online! It includes all events at the Hotel Ketschauer Hof


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