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sa | April 13, 2024

Nitzsche & Friends: "Among neighbors" - Winery Bürklin-Wolf

7 p.m. | Restaurant L.A. Jordan

Tonight our guest of honor is the Bürklin-Wolf winery, also known as one of the three big “B’s” of the Palatinate (alongside the wineries Geh. Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan and Reichsrat von Buhl).
And because our sommelier is very keen to work closely with us, we have recently added Schatzkammer wines from the Bürklin-Wolf winery to our wine list.

The winery enjoys a great national and international reputation and, together with a few other wineries, forms the German spearhead for the great Rieslings of our country. Nitzsche sees Bürklin-Wolf as a pioneer and trailblazer for biodynamic working methods in the vineyard. It seems self-explanatory that the soil is the number one resource for good wine. And it goes without saying that Bürklin-Wolf is committed to the sustainable use of the soil in the vineyard – for us and for future generations.

Wines of the evening:
2019 Cuvée Brut

1st course:
2017 Wachenheim Riesling
2017 Wachenheim Riesling

2nd course:
2022 Wachenheim junk P.C.
2017 Wachenheimer Gerümpel P.C.

3rd course:
2011 Wachenheimer Rechbächel P.C. -Monopol- Magnum
2018 Wachenheimer Rechbächel R double magnum

4th course:
2015 Pechstein G.C.

5th course:
2004 Hohenmorgen G.C. Barrel 23 Magnum

2007 Gaisböhl Riesling Beerenauslese

You can look forward to a 6-course menu by Daniel Schimkowitsch ** to match.

incl. 6-course menu & aperitif, corresponding wines, water and coffee | 395 €

Sat | April 20, 2024

Cooking workshop: Finger food is so much more!

12 - 3 p.m. | Cooking workshop

The small, delicious snacks are particularly popular for more casual events and are very popular with guests. Today, Anselmo Basile provides you with this repertoire of finger food for your next party:
Pintos with chorizo & pulpo
Tuna tartare | avocado | crostini
Beeftatar | anchovies | sour cream
Stuffed focaccia | San Daniele | buffalo mozzarella
Gazpacho on the rocks
Ceviche | pickled onions | chili | limes

incl. Finger food, wine and water as well as apron and recipe booklet | 129 p. P.

fr | April 26, 2024

Palatinate battles with... Franconia!

6.30 p.m. | Restaurant RIVA

Our RIVA sommelier Dominik Blanke calls for the big wine battle “Palatinate versus Franconia”! Enjoy a matched duel between the two regions with the 4-course RIVA menu, with a winery from Franconia competing against one from the Palatinate for each course.

The wineries are at the start:
Rudolf Fürst, Bürgstadt
Horst Sauer, Escherndorf
Juliusspital, Würzburg
Bürgerspital, Würzburg

Reichsrat von Buhl, Deidesheim
Andres, Deidesheim
Go. Council Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, Deidesheim
Rebholz Winery, Siebeldingen

Menu of the evening:
Amber mackerel
Kimchi varnish | cucumber | caviar | crustacean vinaigrette
Wild garlic | Asparagus | Lardo
Burgaud duck breast cooked on the carcass
Celeriac | artichoke | shiitake
Slice of Greek yogurt
marinated strawberries | butter crumble | dark chocolate ice cream

incl. 4-course menu & battle wines, aperitif, water and coffee | 139 € p.p.

Sun | May 12, 2024

Mother's Day menu

lunch and dinner | Restaurant 1718

Cheers to all the heroines of everyday life! Bring your heroine and the whole family along to the Mother’s Day menu! Sit back and enjoy!

5 courses | 94 € p.p.
4 courses | 79 € p.p.
3 courses | 69 € p.p.

so | May 12, 2024

Late riser breakfast on Mother's Day

11.30 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Restaurant RIVA

We spoil you with freshly prepared egg dishes from our show kitchen, refreshing smoothies, honey straight from the honeycomb and other fine specialties from our varied buffet.

39 € p.p.

Fri | May 17, 2024

Gin Tasting

7 p.m. | Cooking studio

The popular gin tasting with the laid-back bar coach David Barth from the “Trinkladen”. If you want to learn all about high-quality gin, the preparation of the cult drink and other bar secrets, this tasting is just the thing for you.

The evening is certainly a gin-gin situation for everyone!

76 € p.p.

fr | June 7, 2024

Nitzsche & Friends: "The Myth" - Gaja Winery

7 p.m. | Restaurant L.A. Jordan

Angelo Gaja, THE living legend in the wine business! It is thanks to him that the wines of Piedmont – e.g. Barbaresco or Barolo – have found their way onto the wine lists of top international restaurants. It is therefore an unwritten law that great wines from Piedmont are those from the Gaja winery.

Tonight you will learn more about the Gaja myth surrounding the winery and why Gaja has a special meaning for our sommelier.

Legendary wines also need a legendary 6-course menu by Daniel Schimkowitsch **.

incl. 6-course menu & aperitif, corresponding wines, water and coffee | 395 € p.p.

Sun | July 7, 2024

VDP. summer party at the Ketschauer Hof

2 - 9 p.m. | Courtyard & Park

We look forward to a glittering summer party in our courtyard and park! With live music, guest chefs and invited VDP wine estates from the Palatinate. That sounds like summer!

incl. Food, drinks and live music

Ticket 275 € p. P. – WITHOUT seat reservation

VIP ticket 375 € p. P. – limited and WITH seat reservation

fast lane entry to the event / exclusively with reservation in the restaurant L.A. Jordan – terrace or winter garden / partially. Wine service / additional wines can be ordered (not included in the ticket) / amuse bouche by chef Daniel Schimkowitsch **.

SA | August 24, 2024

Cooking workshop: Mediterranean summer cuisine

12 - 3 p.m. | Cooking workshop

Look forward to a lunch with RIVA chef Anselmo Basile! Today he brings you this menu from his Mediterranean summer kitchen, which he will cook together with you:

Tuscan bread salad “Panzanella”
Spaghettini “Bottarga”
Saltimbocca alla Romana
Limoncello panna cotta

Of course, everything prepared is also eaten in a cozy atmosphere, and of course with matching wines – just: dolce vita!!!

With this in mind: Arrivederci – see you on August 24!

incl. Mediterranean summer dish, wine and water | 169 € p.p.

Sun | September 1, 2024

GG presentation in Deidesheim

11 a.m. - 3 p.m. | wine press house

The Geh. Councilor Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan presents the 2023 Grosse Gewächse together with the VDP wineries from Deidesheim, Forst and Wachenheim.

Be there when the big ones start!

35 € p.p.

fr | September 6, 2024

Sushi B. & Reichsrat von Buhl: Presentation of the great wines 2022

6.30 p.m. | Restaurant Sushi B.

Look forward to this tasting premium of great wines at the Sushi B. restaurant! Monika Schmid, Managing Director of the Reichsrat von Buhl winery, presents the magnificent 2022 vintage.
True to the motto “Let’s roll together!”, chef Piotr Suszek presents a suitably coordinated menu of 8 courses.

incl. 8-course menu & aperitif, GG 2022 wines, water and coffee | 199 € p.p.

FR | September 20, 2024

Gin Tasting

7 p.m. | Cooking studio

The popular gin tasting with the laid-back bar coach David Barth from the “Trinkladen”. If you want to learn all about high-quality gin, the preparation of the cult drink and other bar secrets, this tasting is just the thing for you.

The evening is certainly a gin-gin situation for everyone!

76 € p.p.

SA | October 12, 2024

Cooking workshop: Bouillabaisse

12 - 3 p.m. | Cooking workshop

Take a look into the pots of chef Lars Wolf from Restaurant 1718 and discover the legendary fish soup!
Here the chef himself will give you the tools of the trade. Enjoy your prepared “Bouillabaisse 1718” – bon appetit!

incl. Bouillabaisse, wine and water as well as apron and recipe booklet | 149 € p.p.

SA | November 2, 2024

Cooking workshop: Winter desserts & pralines

12 - 3 p.m. | Cooking workshop

Our RIVA pastry chef Tony Oehm is the man in demand today! The professional for sweet things will prepare this with you:
Black Forest cherry à la RIVA
Torta al cioccolato
Salted caramel | raspberry kalamansi | black tea

Everything is tasted and sampled – with winter punch and mulled wine, of course!

incl. Mulled wine, coffee and water as well as an apron and recipe booklet | 76 € p.p.

SA | November 2, 2024

Shimkovich meets... Richard Östreicher from Franconia

7 p.m. | Restaurant L.A. Jordan

20 years of close ties! Be there when friends meet: Head chef Daniel Schimkowitsch ** and his friend and winemaker Richard Östreicher! The paths of the two show parallels. People & doers, gifted in what they do. Richard Östreicher knows each of his plots, each vine, inside out and knows how to read the wine in the truest sense of the word. His winery is dedicated to the characteristics: small and fine. Full focus on quality and with respect for the Franconian soil.
Schimkowitsch pairs his 6-course menu with the formidable Franconian wines – you shouldn’t miss out on this highlight!

incl. 6-course menu, aperitif, wines, water and coffee | 395 € p.p.

SA | November 9, 2024

Champagne Tasting

3 - 7 p.m. | Kelterhaus + Cave

A glamorous tasting that takes place on 2 floors, in our festive wine press house and in the historic vaulted cellar, and is extremely popular among connoisseurs and new discoverers! In a lively exchange with the representatives of around 15 renowned invited champagne houses, you will have the opportunity to taste more than 45 varieties, including prestigious champagnes such as vintage champagnes.
“Champagne is always a good idea!”

99 € p.p.

SA | November 9, 2024

Champagne dinner with the champagne house Bollinger

7 p.m. | Restaurant L.A. Jordan

“Nothing adds more luxury to an evening than CHAMPAGNER!”, says head chef Daniel Schimkowitsch **.
This year, sommelier Stephan Nitzsche has invited the champagne house Bollinger, which will exclusively present prestige cuvées for you this evening.

An exclusive evening at L.A. Jordan with a 6-course dinner by Daniel Schimkowitsch, accompanied by exquisite and finely tuned champagnes. “Champagne s’il vous plaît!”

incl. 6-course menu, champagne reception, champagne accompaniment, water and coffee | 395 € p.p.

Tue & Wed | 24. & December 25, 2024

Christmas menu at RIVA

6 p.m. | Restaurant RIVA

Give the Christmas menu as a gift, bring your friends and family along and give yourself and your loved ones the best Christmas present: time together with pleasure.

4 courses 85 € p.p.

Wed & Thu | 25. & December 26, 2024

Christmas menu at 1718

lunch & dinner | Restaurant 1718

Now comes the cozy part! Our Christmas menu is just the thing. Enjoy our winter delicacies in 5 or 4 courses, sit back and relax and let us spoil you and your loved ones.

5 courses 94 € p.p.
4 courses 85 € p.p.

Sun | December 31, 2024

New Year's Eve menu

6.30 p.m. | Restaurant 1718

Bring the year to a close with us at Restaurant 1718 and celebrate life with us!

incl. 7 courses, champagne reception and coffee | 194 € p.p.

DI | December 31, 2024

New Year's Eve gala menu

6.30 p.m. | Restaurant L.A. Jordan

A GALA menu without equal! Look forward to a glamorous turn of the year at Restauant L. A. Jordan with the “Best of 2024” by Daniel Schimkowitsch and his team.

incl. Gala menu in 8 courses, champagne reception, mineral water, coffee and midnight snack | 395 € p.p.