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Culture & Shopping


Culture and city experience with a very special flair

The fan-shaped city

Where did the name come from? Legend has it that Margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach fell asleep during a hunting break in the Hardtwald forest around 1715. He dreamed of founding a city in the shape of a fan. And it was on the very spot where he had rested that he had the center of his new residential city built: the palace. 32 Roads and paths should – like a
– from the castle and form the city center.

You should also not miss these sights when you are in Karlsruhe:

For shopping, the
a well-known shopping boulevard, joins beautiful fan-shaped streets and special trendy streets in the city.

There’s something for everyone in Karlsruhe!

© Lasma Artmane unsplash

© Bruno Kelzer unsplash